As my first post I would explain where is come from the name “Greñalidades”

In 2011 in Dominican Republic, I was trying to figure out a name for a business that specialize the work in afrodominicans woman, with the intention to sell it products for the day a day care basic.

One day we were in the car and I ask my husband -Men I would like a name that when the Dominican womens hear the name they laugh and say “omg I got it ” , I want to use the name that the same time people used in bad ways like greñas people call greñas to a mess up afro hair.

So my husband say – so why you dont use greñalidades is greñas and like actitid every afro is different because the owner is.

Last year as a new inmigrant I start thinking I had provide this workshops about “Dominican women’s history” and “Introduction to Theatre”, and I make links for the afro natural hair products I should just use a name for all the services, at that point I though maybe “Jikara” but my sister toke it for her fashion magazine, so I remember that I still have Greñalidades, and here we are, trying to still providing the service that with a lot of love we have.

Is no a fun or exciting name, but is the form it is, I hope this website fill out the expectation, if not, we are open to receive feedbacks from everybody.